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The one who is still deprived of law rarely stands on his feet

- Stanisław Jerzy Lec


We are a well-recognized legal office specializing in commercial law, adding value to our clients' business by cooperation and teamwork. We combine our long-standing experience with innovative thinking and business problem solving by lawyers and solicitors, in order to offer best in class solutions. We keep ourselves abreast of law developments by constant following, researching and forecasting regulatory changes, which may potentially impact our clients. In all cases that we are in charge of, we cooperate with clients so as to minimize risks and accelerate the achievement of short and long-term goals that they present us with. Hence we have been acknowledged by our clients for 10 years now. 
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Commercial law is the basis for operating of all small and medium enterprises. Individuals launching new business, as well as experienced businessmen, may find commercial law complex and intimidating. By excercising commercial law, we understand its impact on enterprises. We offer our advice on what is legally required from your business and how to ensure you meet these obligations. With the support from our team, you can be sure your company is well-protected. By simplifying business cases and dealing with all legal issues, we will allow you to focus on the success of your firm.


  1. Start-ups and new ventures
    So the most important time for your business begins. Our firm will support you by providing simple advice, which will help successful set up of new business. Each new firm may encounter difficulties at early stages of operating, and we will help you overcome these. By employing our services, you will save time and avoid errors resulting from not being familiar with the law. We will prepare all necessary documentation for you in a professional manner, and deal with all the formalities for you.
  2. Corporate services
    In order for any firm to achieve success, proper organizational structure is essential. Owing to a solid and efficient structure, the firm's potential can be maximized. Yet the choice of appropriate structure for your firm may be a challenge and the structure itself complex. We offer ongoing legal support for any kind of enterprise. Our clients run different forms of business (civil law partnerships, commercial law partnerships, sole proprietorships, foundations, associations) accross virtually all branches of business (services, trade, manufacturing). Hence our knowledge and experience ensure complete and thorough legal support.
  3. Services covered by our legal office:
    - setting up and liquidation of partnerships
    - legal audit of partnerships and other business trading participants
    - supporting domestic mergers and acquisitions 
    - setting up branch offices and dealerships
    - ongoing advice on corporate structures
    - establishing procedures for implementing corporate documents, e.g. agreements, regulations
    - complete handling of investment processes
    - formal proceedings before the Registry Court
    - pełna obsługa prawna uczestników obrotu gospodarczego
    - complete legal service for business trading participants
    - formal proceedings before the common courts
    - formal proceedings before the arbitration tribunals and arbitration courts
    - administrative proceedings before the public administration bodies, administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court
    - competition law proceedings before the Office of Fair Trading and the Court of Fair Trading
    - labour law proceedings before the labour courts
    - land and mortgage register proceedings.
  4. Restructuring of companies
    Life does not always go according to the plan, and companies as well as individuals may ecnouter financial difficulties for many reasons. Regardless of whether you are a person managing a company which is in a difficult financial position, a secured lender, a debtee in fear of debtors, or you simply wish to restructure your business, obtaining legal advice at early stage is essential. Owing to our experience, we successfully advise in cases related to reorganizing, restructuring and liquidation of companies, ensuring solutions that guarantee security and improve effectiveness of business running. Experience in pointing our Clients to the right solutions in executing transactions of selling shares or stocks allows us to achieve desired outcomes.
  5. Public procurement 
    We provide thorough legal support in the field of public procurement, for orderers as well as offerers. We advise on tender procedures, prepare proceeding documentation, analyses and legalopinions. We help formulate the wording of an appeal or claim, as well as represent firms before the National Appeals Chamber and common courts.
  6. Services for foundations and associations 
    We specialize in legal support of setting up and running of foundations and associations. We help establish or change the bylaws and regulations, register foundation or association at National Court Register, as well as provide advisory service on an ongoing basis.


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We deal with the law of commercial companies, commercial law